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Home Recipes Gluten-free Mushroom & Sausage tacos

Gluten-free Mushroom & Sausage tacos

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6 Medium size porabellas

1/2 lb sliced shitakes

6 Sausages (Bratwurst, Chicken Sausage, etc)

1/4 of a large Vidaia Onion

White Corn Tortillas

4 oz of Smoked Mozzarella cheese

[Rice side dish]

2 cups Basmati rice

Fresh Cilantro

Taco directions:

Heat the grill (charcoal only...if you are going to cook with gas, quit reading and go buy a charcoal grill) to about 300 F.   Place the sausages and portabellas to the side of the coals. Place a saute pan directly above the coals. Add about 1/4 cup of premium olive oil, the slices of onion and the shitakes in the saute pan.

As things are complete their cooking process, take them off of the coals and sit to the side to cool and rest.  Most likely the onions and shitakes will complete first, then the sausages (especially if you get ones that are pre-cooked).

Let the meat and mushrooms cool enough to handle, and then dice them up. Warm the tortillas then place in a basket and cover with a towel (do this on the grill if possible, otherwise you could do it in a microwave).  Place the saute pan back onto the grill and add the diced mushrooms and sausage to reheat as needed.  Once everything is done, place the saute pan on a heat proof pad on your table and let people spoon out the warm mixture onto their tortillas.  The mozzarella should be sliced thinly or crumbled so that it can be placed onto the tacos.  I usually put the cheeze on first and then the meat/fungi/vegetable mixture second so that it will melt the cheese.  You'll love how the smoked moz tastes with the portabellas.

Side dish:

Cook the rice according to the directions (will take about 30 minutes for basmti rice and you will need about 2x the liquid as the amount of rice). Once cooked, remove from heat. Cut up some of the cilantro and mix with the rice. Feel free to add a little of the mushroom to the rice if desired.  I usually boil the water before I even light the coals for the grill.  I usually cook the rice about 25 minutes and then let it sit for the rest of the grilling process above. If you cover the rice the entire time, the rice will still be plenty hot once the main dish is ready.

Note: If you don't want to have  tacos, you can easily change this into an appetizer.  You will need large portabellas caps instead of mediums.  You will also need only one sauasge per 2 portabella caps. I usually find that one person can eat a whole cap--but they can also easily be shared. Once the sasage and caps are done take them off the grill.  Dice up the sausage but not the caps.  You are going to put the diced sausage onto the caps and then place thinly sliced mozzarella over the top.  Return to the grill and let the cheese melt and then you are done.