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aka Hot Ass Hummus.  Here's the recipe for a single serving for 4 people as an appetizer...

2 can's garbonzo beans (chick peas if you live in the south)
3 cloves of ROASTED garlic (use one clove if you haven't roasted it)
2 jalapeno peppers (deseeded to at least 90%, believe me 10% will make it hot enough)
Top shelf olive oil (this is probably the most crucial ingredient). I use ORUM FABBRI COLLEZIONE
Red Pepper Flakes (about a teaspoon)
Kosher Salt (probably about a tablespoon, but start with a teaspoon and increase to suit your taste)
Freshly Ground Peppercorns (probably about 10 turns of the grinder will suffice)
Cajun Seasoning (about a teaspoon)
Paprika (about a tablespoon). The pap won't give a lot of taste, instead it is a coloring agent.

Strain and wash the beans and put them in a food processor. Add in the cloves. Cut open the jalapenos and deseed and derib them. Get rid of most of the seeds. Add the jalapenos to the processor. Add in the seasonings (salt, peppers, cajun seasoning, etc.). Add the olive oil. I've never measured how much I add, but the point it to add enough to get the consistency that you like. Start off with a couple of tablespoons and start the processor. After a few seconds take a look at the consistency and add more olive oil until you get it to the right moistness. Taste to determine if it's salty/peppery/hot enough for you. Tweak the salt, peppers, or add more jalapenos to adjust to your taste.


Enjoy this recipe with Stacy's Simply Naked Brand Pita Chips. I wouldn't use any other brand. You can find large sizes of them at Costco. Feel free to double the batch if you are having a big party or want it to last for several servings.