On this day in jazz (October 11)

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On this day in 1957, drummer Art Blakey finshed recording Hard Drive in New York City. Six of the seven songs on the album were recorded on this day--only "Deo-X" was recorded in the previous session. Joining Art on the session were Bill Hardman on trumpet, Johnny Griffin on the tenor saxophone, Junior Mance on piano and Spanky DeBrest on bass.

This album is just one of about seven or eight that Art recorded that year and precedes the legendary album "Moanin'" from 1958. The cover to the album says that the music "Is out of this world...and the next world, too". That may be a bit of hyperbole, but there are some rather good songs on it.

If you are wondering if the title is anachronistic, it's not. The hard drive was created a year before in 1956.

Here's Art with "For Minors Only":

Track listing:

  1. "For Minors Only" (Jimmy Heath) - 5:49
  2. "Right Down Front" (Johnny Griffin) - 4:31
  3. "Deo-X" (Bill Hardman) - 5:50
  4. "Sweet Sakeena" (Hardman) - 5:06
  5. "For Miles and Miles" (Heath) - 5:24
  6. "Krafty" (Griffin) - 6:35
  7. "Late Spring" (Leon Mitchell) - 5:36
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